Hyalose, LLC is a biotechnology company focused on the commercialization of unique recombinant technologies for producing Hyaluronic Acid (HA), an important biomolecule for many healthcare and cosmetic applications.

With a strong intellectual property portfolio and scientific expertise, Hyalose meets today’s market demands for highly controlled HA production.

About Us

Hyalose was founded in 2000 to address the commercial and research need for the supply of hyaluronic acid products. This unique and proprietary recombinant technology was developed by Chief Scientists Dr. Paul Weigel and Dr. Paul DeAngelis.

Hyalose is a portfolio company of leading life sciences technology management firm Emergent Technologies, Inc. with business operations based in Austin, TX and research, development and production facilities in Oklahoma City, OK.


The Hyalose technologies enable the bulk production of hyaluronic acid through fermentation, as well as the controlled enzymatic synthesis that enables an exact determination of molecule output. The controlled synthesis also enables the placement of other glycosaminoglycan sugars and unnatural sugars at precisely defined positions in the sugar chain, creating new and novel sugar compounds.

Hyaluronan (hyaluronic acid, HA) is a type of sugar polymer called a polysaccharide (other common polysaccharides include cellulose from wood, or starch from food). HA is a member of the glycosaminoglycan family. The chemical structure of HA is a chain of two different simple sugars (N-acetylglucosamine and glucuronic acid) repeated over and over. In nature, the length of the polymer chains ranges from hundreds to thousand of sugars units and can exist in as short or long chains.


Hyalose has methods for producing HA of defined size ranges, marketed as Select-HA. These products are made through enzymatic synthesis

Select-HA Ladders™

Leveraging the ability to create select sizes of HA, Hyalose offers Select-HA ladders for identification of glycosaminoglycans via gel electrophoresis.

Bulk HA™

Bulk HA was traditionally sourced from animal byproducts, such as rooster comb, or bacterial strains derived from

Polymer Grafting

Another significant development area for Hyalose is polymer grafting for the formation of novel carbohydrates,


Most HA is produced by extraction, either from animal by-products or from bacteria. These must be purified to obtain the desired material for a particular application. During the extraction procedures, care must be taken not to co-purify pathogens or detrimental factors commonly found in the source material (e.g., prions, antigens, allergens, or bacterial toxins). Hyalose innovation includes superior processes to produce:
  1. HA of a defined polymer length and content and
  2. HA from a Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) bacterial source.
These advantages have revolutionized HA production and product offerings for specialized HA markets.

Hyalose Frequently Asked Questions


Select-HA™ - Select-HA is hyaluronic acid produced through enzymatic synthesis achieving a high level of size control. Polydispersity of the products in any size from 50kDa to 1000kDa is as low as 1.02 and averages 1.1 (a value of 1 is associated with a ‘perfect’ polymer). Hyalose offers one grade of Select-HA products and certifies its products as having endotoxin levels of less than 0.1 EU/mg of HA polymer.
Select-HA MegaLadder™ - The Select-HA MegaLadder is a mixture of streptavidin complexes containing one, two, three or four end-labeled biotin-Select-HA molecules of very defined sizes for use as size standards in gel electrophoresis or other separation methods. This ladder covers a range from 2 MegaDalton to 8 MegaDalton. Recommended usage: agarose gel stained with StainsAll.
Select-HA HiLadder™ - The Select-HA HiLadder contains five Select-HA molecular mass markers in the range of ~500 kDa to ~1500kDa. The masses are 495 kDa, 572 kDa, 966 kDa, 1090 kDa and 1510 kDa. Recommended usage: agarose gel stained with StainsAll.
Select-HA LoLadder™ - The Select-HA LoLadder contains five Select-HA molecular mass markers in the range of ~25 kDa to ~500 kDa. The masses are 27 kDa, 110 kDa, 214 kDa, 310 kDa and 495 kDa. Recommended usage: agarose gel stained with StainsAll.

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